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The Journey of the Worlds Most Popular Game- Football
Language: en
Authors: Dr. Atul Lakade
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher:

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World Game
Language: en
Authors: Josh Pang
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Josh Pang

My thesis explores the idea that Buckminster Fuller’s World Game is really a formal calculus capable of representing world-scale sustainability problem-solving according to the fundamental principles of a (blockchain) database + (Fuller projection) map + (machine learning) simulation in the form of a game. These computational media comprise an operational
The World the Game Theorists Made
Language: en
Pages: 390
Authors: Paul Erickson
Categories: Business & Economics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-11-04 - Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Today, game theory is central to our understanding of capitalist markets, the evolution of social behavior in animals, and much more. Both the social and biological sciences have seemingly fused around the game. Yet the ascendancy of game theory and theories of rational choice more generally remains a rich source
Unique Games and Sports Around the World
Language: en
Pages: 407
Authors: Doris Corbett, John Cheffers, Eileen Crowley Sullivan
Categories: Sports & Recreation
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001 - Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

Looks at over three hundred sports and games from different cultures around the world, providing details about the rules, as well as information about typical players, the symbolism involved, and the equipment needed to play.
The World of Scary Video Games
Language: en
Pages: 488
Authors: Bernard Perron
Categories: Mathematics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-05-31 - Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

As for film and literature, the horror genre has been very popular in the video game. The World of Scary Video Games provides a comprehensive overview of the videoludic horror, dealing with the games labelled as “survival horror” as well as the mainstream and independent works associated with the genre.