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On the Forests of Tropical Asia
Language: en
Pages: 670
Authors: Peter S. Ashton, Reinmar Seidler
Categories: Nature
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014 - Publisher: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

This is the first book to describe the forests of the entire tropical Asian region, from Sind to New Guinea. Based on Peter Ashton's working field experience of over 55 years in every country, Burma and Laos excepted. Following a chapter on physical geography and geological history, seven chapters address
Trees and Forests of Tropical Asia
Language: en
Authors: Peter S. Ashton, David Webster Lee
Categories: Forest ecology
Type: BOOK - Published: 2022 - Publisher:

"Exploring the Tapovan takes the reader on an expedition into the leafy, clammy, forested landscapes of tropical Asia. Peter Ashton and David Lee, two of the world's leading scholars on Asian tropical rain forests reveal the geology and climate that have produced these unique forests, the diversity of species that
The Conservation Atlas of Tropical Forests
Language: en
Pages: 250
Authors: N.Mark Collins
Categories: Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 1991-06-18 - Publisher: Springer

The first of a series designed to cover all tropical rain forests in the world. This is a visual portfolio of detailed maps of Asia, accompanied by a text which seeks to analyze the extent and causes of deforestation and to point a way towards sustainable forest development.
People of the Tropical Rain Forest
Language: en
Pages: 231
Authors: Julie Sloan Denslow, Christine Padoch
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 1988-01-01 - Publisher: Univ of California Press

Looks at the depiction of tropical rain forests in movies and art, discusses government policy, business exploitation, and the future of the rain forest, and describes the lives of forest people in South America, Africa, and Asia
Tropical Rain Forests
Language: en
Pages: 336
Authors: Richard T. Corlett, Richard B. Primack
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-03-03 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

The first edition of Tropical Rain Forests: an Ecological and Biogeographical Comparison exploded the myth of ‘the rain forest’ as a single, uniform entity. In reality, the major tropical rain forest regions, in tropical America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Madagascar, and New Guinea, have as many differences as similarities, as a