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Language: sv
Pages: 381
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013 - Publisher:

Tris, Four och deras vänner försöker stoppa De lärda från att ta över makten helt. De ställs inför hemska val när deras kamrater blir fast i simuleringarna som styr dem att bli viljelösa mördarmaskiner. Vem är fiende och vem är allierad? Och varför är de lärda ute efter just de
Insurgent Collective Action and Civil War in El Salvador
Language: en
Pages: 308
Authors: Elisabeth Jean Wood, Professor Elisabeth Jean Wood, Wood Elisabeth Jean
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003-08-04 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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Insurgent Citizenship
Language: en
Pages: 396
Authors: James Holston
Categories: Political Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008 - Publisher: Princeton University Press

Insurgent citizenships have arisen in cities around the world. This book examines the insurgence of democratic citizenship in the urban peripheries of São Paulo, Brazil, its entanglement with entrenched systems of inequality, and its contradiction in violence. James Holston argues that for two centuries Brazilians have practiced a type of
Women and Rebel Communities in the Cuban Insurgent Movement, 1952-1959
Language: en
Pages: 367
Authors: Linda A. Klouzal
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008 - Publisher: Cambria Press

This book is a rare and important study on the people and many of the groups and activist regions involved in the Cuban insurrection of the 1950s. It addresses the insurgent movement, how people were drawn into the struggle, the structure of the movement, including its different activist groups and
Language: en
Pages: 770
Authors: Charles Sheehan-Miles
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-01-14 - Publisher: Cincinnatus Press

Insurgent is the riveting sequel to the surprise bestseller Republic: A Novel of America's Future. Three months after the end of the West Virginia civil war, Valerie Murphy faces her worst fears as the violence escalates. Former Congressman Al Clark, now Governor of the bankrupt state, must quell an insurgency