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Anxiety Management
Language: en
Pages: 256
Authors: Robin Dynes
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-04-28 - Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Designed for anyone wanting to develop an anxiety management programme for use with groups or individuals, this practical handbook will be invaluable to anyone who is called upon to respond to people who have anxiety problems. It is divided into two parts: information for anxiety management training; and, 10 chapters
Anxiety Management Training
Language: en
Pages: 376
Authors: Richard M. Suinn
Categories: Psychology
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-11-11 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

This book owes its existence to an ideal, a burning frustration, and a trusted believer. The ideal was the sense that governed my feelings about systematic desensitization during my early introduction to its benefits. It is hard to put into words the initial doubts that pervaded me during my first
Solution Focused Anxiety Management
Language: en
Pages: 326
Authors: Ellen K. Quick
Categories: Psychology
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-02-13 - Publisher: Academic Press

Solution Focused Anxiety Management provides the clinician with evidence-based techniques to help clients manage anxiety. Cognitive behavioral and strategic tools, acceptance-based ideas, and mindfulness are introduced from a solution-focused perspective and tailored to client strengths and preferences. The book presents the conceptual foundation, methods, and attitudes of a solution-focused approach.
Anxiety Management in Children with Mental and Physical Health Problems
Language: en
Pages: 141
Authors: Laura Nabors
Categories: Psychology
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-01-11 - Publisher: Springer Nature

This book examines the implications of anxiety for children who have different types of comorbid mental health problems or chronic physical illnesses. It describes the differences between anxiety and fear in children and addresses how anxiety presents in children. The book presents ideas for treatment of anxiety in children and
Anxiety Management in Adult Day Surgery
Language: en
Pages: 246
Authors: Mark Mitchell
Categories: Medical
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-02-03 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

The book is the first of its kind to specifically outline the psycho-educational nursing interventions required by the anxious, adult patient undergoing elective, ambulatory surgery. Anxiety management is a considerable issue for the majority of surgical patients and has been recognised as such for many decades. However, no formal nursing